December 03, 2008

New Blog Contributor

At last, I have now been formally invited to be a contributor to this blog. Considering that my better half has been swamped with TDS and other graphics projects, this development is very much welcomed. While she has been doing her stuff, I have been working separately in the bedroom trying to upload stuff for my project group. ARGHH! First I had to struggle to look for a storage host that will accept .exe files. Then I had to work with upload speed.For Tes its even worse as she uploads bigger files than I do. While I uploaded my stuff in a few minutes, she typically uploads files in hours. Haven't used cisco but I think we need serious upgrades in hardware as well as in our ISP service. As we get more and more of our livelihoods into cyberspace, our demand for technology definitely increases. I guess this is a typical day in our "Jetsons" kind of life.