May 13, 2010

A day in a life of a poll worker

I didn't serve as poll watcher this election but from what I gather it would be like this...

0400h 5/10
I just woke up excited to serve my country on this historic day. My mind is filled with all the briefings we've had in the past few weeks. It's possible that I may die for what I believe in today but I thank God that the likelihood of that happening is not as high today as it was 20 years ago...

Just saw our precinct coordinator. The others are coming in as well. I hear new stories from the last few days of the campaign. Pan de Sal is being distributed.

Last minute briefing on the PCOS machine and procedures around it.

Voters coming in. Batch numbers are being handed out to manage the number of people in the voting area.

A voter forgets to wipe of the ink for the thumb mark. It dirties his ballot. We have no choice but to declare it spoiled.

Voting is slower than expected. 5 precincts were clustered in to this voting center. Looks like the speed of voting was miscalculated.

A voter crumples the ballot. The PCOS rejects it. After 4 attempts, we declare it spoiled.

Some of the voters issued numbers went home for a while. We have run out of batch numbers, we just let a queue from outside the polling place. I'm really hungry but I can't leave all these people. This beats the best fat burner supplement I have ever taken.

The queue of people without numbers is long, it hasn't moved for the past 3 hours. We are still processing 7 out of 10 batches of people numbers. People from batch 4 started coming back, screaming for us to accommodate them. It's not fair for them to go home while others have been waiting for hours. We get them all together and have them go it.

1545h The PCOS hangs up. The technician, reboots it. A print out of the votes made so far has been made for us to see.

Most of the voters are done. We're just waiting for some late comers

Polls have been declared closed. We watch the PCOS print outs generated. The candidates names are read and the date is transmitted to COMELEC. Thank God it's over!