July 09, 2008

Artful Blogging Challenge at Bookoto

Bookoto is having a blog makeover challenge over at their blog with lots of yummy magazines as prizes. I'd love to join the challenge but I'm quite happy with this blog's template right now but who knows I just might change the whole look altogether or start a whole new blog altogether just for the challenge. lol Anyway, even if you don't join the challenge you can always browse through their shop - absolutely mouth-watering titles to choose from and the plus factor is that the prices are in pesos so no need to keep converting using the ever fluctuating peso rates.Our family loves books and we could spend a whole day in a bookstore anytime but it's also fun to just do a bit of  'windows' shopping right in your slippers and jammies. :D. Check out Bookoto and support our own Pinoy online bookstore. You might find a new hobby to get addicted to. :)


Your Friendly Online Hobby Bookstore! said...
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Your Friendly Online Hobby Bookstore! said...

Thank you for the lovely write-up, Teys! looking forward to you entry ;-D

marites1034 said...

first time i've heard about bookoto. sounds interesting as i love books too. will go hop to their site now:)