April 21, 2008

Bathroom fun

My son is growing up so fast. Lately, we've allowed him to take a bath by himself. The funny thing is that it takes him almost an hour just to finish. Whenever I notice that he's been in there for quite a while my maternal instincts kick in. I don't even have to see what he's doing. I just know that he's been playing inside the bathroom. Many times our sinks would be clogged because of some toy he dropped in or the bathroom wash would be half gone by the time he comes out. Even the toothpaste isn't spared! Once, when I was about to brush my teeth, I squeezed out some toothpaste into my toothbrush and what came out was melted watery toothpaste. The little rascal poured water into the tube. Aaaargh! Of course, I exercise my vocal chords for around 3 to 5 minutes but at the end of the day... I still love the little "squeaky clean" boy ... anyway.