July 12, 2007

Say what?

I think we have a quirky household. Words take on new meaning whenever my kids, their dad and myself are in that playful mood. Here are some of the words that have become a part of our house but have yet to pass Noah Webster's Dictionary or Roget's thesaurus:

bapu - (bah-poo) adj. smelly or any foul smelling odor emanating from anything
chikam (chee-kam) n. a yummy breakfast consisting of crispy adobo skins and fried rice especially cooked by lolo
lola mop (loh-lee mop) - n. a derivative of lola mommy (mommy's mom) referring to daddy's mom
lolo pop (loh- lo pop) - n. a derivative of lola mop since the two h
ad to rhyme; refers to daddy's dad
mr. incredible -(mis-tuh incre-di-ble) - n. daddy
queenie poo/aka elastigirl - (kweenee pu/ ilasti-gurl) - n. mommy
smoke medicine ( i-smok me-di sin) n. refers to ventolin used with a nebulizer
skirt (skurt) n. refers to pajamas ripped so high it looks like a skirt
spotty sando (spo-tee san-dow) - n. refers to undershirt that has lots of holes

secret weapon (sik-ret wi-pon) - n.term used to refer to foul smelling air that blasts from the rear can cause one to suffocate and experience extreme nausea
v. as in "release the secret weapon" blasted on little kids who dare to fight mr. incredible

We do have a lot more but I have to review my list so that would be it for now. Maybe I can try Merriam-Webster and submit these new words for their approval. What do you think?

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Kaje said...

hi teys! i got inspired withe this entry so I wrote something very similar. :) kami din kasi may special words eh :) have a nice day!