April 02, 2008

Speaker in the house

I love watching design shows. One of my fave channels in the US is HGTV . I would always watch shows that would have these home makeovers that teach you how to make your home look fab even if your space is really tiny. One of the tips that I've used is to get things off the floor and up the walls just like what we did with our electric fans. Instead of using stand fans in our living room area, we installed wall fans. This freed up some much needed floor space for our kids to play on. Unfortunately, the fans didn't last that long and were of poor quality but definitely this little design tip is great. So now, I'm thinking of doing the same thing to our audio equipment. Right now, my poor little Bose is sitting on top of a white monobloc chair on the edge of the bed. I know, I shouldn't be treating it that way and I really need to find the right speaker mount and give my Bose a little more TLC. Not to mention, that's going to be one less chair used as a table and one more seat available for us humans in the house. :)