March 31, 2008

Super Size It!

Hubby and I have been wanting to build our own PC for so long. It came about when I started doing digital scrapbooking and accepting minor graphic design layout jobs for a few close friends. I started out with a Dell laptop that had a 20gig HD and a 125mb RAM. I wasn't as geeky back then and I couldn't tell the difference between the two. All I knew that my projects would always hang and then eventually crash because they were photo intensive plus my photo editing software was a RAM hog. It was only later on that I realized that I had to do the math on the HD and the RAM and I realized it was like forcing my computer to process my massive data thru a drinking straw. It simply wasn't going to work. Later on we bought an Acer desktop with an 80gig HD and 512mb RAM. I filled it up in no time and I just barely have 20% free space left. I want MORE! Give me more, more, more... supersize it all! I want a computer that has the capacity to enable me to do all my projects and still have breathing space for extras. So we've been reading tutorials on how to build a custom multi-media PC from scratch. In short, we start with a barebones computer and then add on all the bells and whistles to satisfy my craving for more speed and capacity. I hope it happens soon. Maybe I can twist hubby's arm just in time for Mother's day. LOL