August 01, 2011


Rean here...

Most of the time I believe that prayer is a time where you use all your energy to invoke all the promises of God into reality. I perceive it as a time much like a high school wrestling match where you stand and grip tightly on the promises of God for the items on your prayer list in some prayer meeting. Recently, I was in a meeting which involved the need to raise sums of money which in the natural where impossible. I was surprised at how the people we were dealing with were not at all intimidated by the figures. Our team leader asked them if they had a regular prayer meeting because they seemed to be in faith. Their leader just responded, we have integrated prayer in everything we do. This just killed my paradigm. Prayer is so important that it has to be central in everything we do. For this to work, it must be as simple and natural as possible just like breathing. If we think about praying only in the prayer meeting then it means prayer is an appendage.

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