November 11, 2008

Christmas Coming

In our country we say "tuloy pa rin ang Pasko". This means that Christmas will go on even if times are hard. So we go through stores looking at what's on sale. Last sunday, while shopping in preparation for our son's recognition, we somehow glanced at what was available. DH was looking at the toy section. He said he found new Barbie dolls for DD. He couldn't find something for our son that was better than a robotics kit they could assemble together.

What about me? What should I wish for Christmas? I could wish Wacom and doodle much easier. Or maybe a new printer that can handle A3 paper. Considering my work and my passion, I wish for a portable harddrive. I need one so badly because I'm running out of space. Everyday, my family experiences new things and I want to be able to capture them and store them digitally until I can print them out. I also want it to be able to bring it anywhere so I can free up my camera's memory immediately. This would be an investment in our family history. When our son doubted our love for him. I just showed him his scrapbook and it silenced his concern. I consider my digital images as my most treasured possession.