September 16, 2010


Rean here...

I felt a bit uncomfortable when our son asked me why I didn't want him to play games like "Plants vs. Zombies". My response to him was that he still needed to develop self-control and discipline. My own personal experience have taught me that these activities can be addicting. With personality traits like mine, my son is highly vulnerable to such a condition. His query was valid, though, considering that he and his sister spend more time reading books than playing with a Nintendo DS or a PSP. Putting more thought to it, immersion into a virtual gaming world produces the complacent students I typically encounter in my university lecturing. It's sad that even our graduates are busy hunting iphone 4 accessories or the latest gaming experience rather than drafting the next great work of art. Why seek the latest and greatest game when you can create the next gamer's choice. We truly have to battle for a culture of production over that of consumption.