September 09, 2010

Disabilty Insurance for Dancers

When little girls grow up dreaming of being graceful ballerinas, they do not realize the physical commitment that they need to make as they become more and more adept in their craft and continue on to be professional dancers. The hours and hours of training, practices, rehearsals and performances subject the bodies of professional dancers to more than the usual 'wear and tear' ordinary people go through. Business and corporations have products and services, properties and investments from where they derive their income. Dancers, however, use their bodies as instruments in their profession. Take the case of Alex Wong, the forerunner in SYTYCD Season 7. His injury could have cost him his career. It makes me wonder if dancers have disability insurance of some kind in case injuries like this happen. It's something that needs to be thought of especially if you are raising kids who want to pursue dance professionally.