June 23, 2010

When it rains, it does pour

Summer's out and school is back. Not only that, the rains are back too. I remember growing up and loving the rain. I loved the sound that it made on our roof and how the wind would just blow through my window and cool down my room. Today, the rain reminds me of so many other things. Now that I have kids, the rain that I used love bring mixed feelings to me. I remember last New Year we spent in Davao. It was New Year's eve and we visited dh's relatives for a pre-New Year's eve dinner. It was hot then all of a sudden it drizzled a bit. I didn't think much about it but the following day, my dd was sick. She was so sick that the thought of it makes my heart ache even today. I remember the time we brought her to the ER and they attached a pulse oximeter to her finger. The alarm just went off because her heart rate was just so fast. It was really an emergency case that I cannot forget even if I want to. In about a month and a half, it'll be August. That's when rain is a regular thing that happens any given day. There are many reasons why it is particularly painful for me when it rains in August. But I won't go there for now.  I'll cross that bridge when I get there...