March 20, 2010

Staying Young

Our friends recently lost their mom. To show our support, we were in the wake of this dear old lady lending a hand in the day to day logistics. In events like this, you usually get to talk to people you don't see often. In one conversation, I was talking to a lady I last saw as a child. We then got talk about the days when we were still dancing. We began taking about guys who I danced with. The conversation took a sudden turn when the husband of my co-teacher in ballet commented that a close friend still had hair in our pictures. True enough this friend had noticeable hair loss today. While he most likely needs a hair loss shampoo, it is just unfortunate that he chose a hairstyle that did not anticipate this condition. I too have thinning hair but because I have worn a crew cut most of my life, this has not been noticeable. A friend once said that the secret to staying young is not to change your hairstyle. I guess it works for me.