March 21, 2010

Contemporary Dance

In the past few days, I tried my hand to teach contemporary dance to some of my students and to my kids. While dance classes are not new to me, I found my self aching all over the next day. Considering the experimental nature of contemporary dance, one should not be surprised to get pains in unusual places. A good example, was a pain in my rump as I was working on falling techniques. Another thing about contemporary, is the energy. Contemporary emphasizes the fluidity of movement and drawing for inner emotions as motivation. It can be a taxing yer fulfilling experience, physically and emotionally. The post-modern component of this style, forces you to dig deep into yourself and draw motivation for movement. I'd say, one may totally eliminate a dependency on over the counter sleep aids with regular contemporary classes. I have recently been catching myself asleep at the dinner table after a class. I do, however, find myself refreshed after this experience. I definitely recommend this dance style as a stress reliever.