June 28, 2009

Simple ways to prevent the spread of H1N1

Recent cases of H1N1 in the Philippines have led to the closure of schools in Metro Manila. The first was De La Salle University, where an International student manifested symptoms leading to the schools closure. This was then followed by the De La Salle College of Saint Benilde. This week other schools had their own closures.

So what happens when a closure is declared? As per the Philippine DOH, the school closes for 10 days to monitor the outbreak. It then reopens with communication to students about the necessary behaviour in their school. Specifically, they ask to do 5 simple things to prevent the spread of the disease ( and probably keep you from using your Blue Cross North Carolina plan) as listed below:

1.) Wash your hands - simple but a lot of people don't know how to do this. I was impressed to see DLSU posting proper handwashing procedures in a restroom.

2.) Cover when you cough - common sense but often neglected
3.) Cover when you sneeze - same
4.) Stay home when you're sick - a challenge when you have students from east asia, who culturally go to work or school even when they have the sniffles.
5.) Clean hands with alcohol

Again simple things we were taught to do when we were kids but neglect to do as adults.