July 03, 2009

Medical Malpractice

Our son wasn't feeling yesterday. He was fine in the morning prior to ballet class but later on he felt warm to the touch and it became a full-grade fever late last night. This morning his temperature hit 39 degrees so dh and I decided that he needed to be brought to the doctor. With increasing reports of Influenza A H1N1 in the city, I think it's better to be safe than sorry.

Our family pediatrician's clinic is more than 20 kms away and although it is quite far, we've learned our lesson well not to sacrifice the convenience of nearby clinics for expertise. Our little girl was misdiagnosed last year at a nearby hospital and we were so stressed with how they handled her case. After more than four-days without improvement, we pulled her out and transferred her to our family pedia in the middle of the night even if his clinic was so far away. We just trust him to take care of our kids so much that hiring a high-caliber Rochester medical malpractice attorney is highly unlikely. Not all doctors are created equal and I am not going to risk my kids' safety no matter what. Makes me wonder what really went on in Michael Jackson's last few days...