May 06, 2009

Increasing Metabolism

I brought the kids to Kumon class today and I was quite happy with one of the teacher's comments to me. She said that I was losing weight. I was happy to hear that because that has been one of my goals since my kids started doing ballet. I don't have a regular workout routine but I started increasing my physical activities - housework became a calorie-burning source, commuting (a lot of walking happens to and from terminals). I also started tapering off unnecessary high calorie food like soda and chips. I haven't really given it all up but I only consume enough to satisfy my craving and that's it. Plus the hubby has been conscientiously following a daily menu according to the food pyramid. All these are factors that probably contributed to an increase in my metabolism and therefor has resulted in a drop in my weight. How happy can I be? This route is a slow but sure way to being fit and healthy not just for me but for us as a family. Diet supplements are fine but understanding how your body works and knowing what to do to keep it fit and healthy will yield better results in the long run.