May 16, 2009

Ballet Fitness

Today, Tes and I were working on a ballet choreography for the kids in our Summer Dance Workshop in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Having recently returned to dancing after a 15 year hiatus, our bodies were experiencing pains all over. We have, however, experienced significant weight loss because of this activity. It definitely beats the best diet pills available.

A good ballet exercise would be the plies. This involves, the bending and stretching of legs. Doing 32 counts of this exercise makes you feel a tightening of your inner thighs. When holding your arms at the side, you have an isometric bicep and pectoral workout. This workout gives you the definition without the bulk you get from traditional weight training.

Having said all this, we are studying the possibility of offering a ballet workout to complement the existing ballet classes we have. So stay tuned.