May 06, 2009

Bookworm on Iphone

We recently had a family reunion and my nephew from London brought home with him an iphone. My brother also had a couple of them with him. I'm not necessarily gaga over the latest gadget in town nor do I update myself with the latest tech craze sale but what they had in their iphones made me think twice. Check out this youtube video about the iphone here. Not only is it a cool gadget but more than that you can even play Bookworm on it! I saw my brother playing Bookworm on his iphone and that definitely caught my attention. (Bookworm is a word finding game I stumbled upon while surfing thru my cellphone.) I don't usually let my kids play with video games but this is one game I can leave them with anytime of the day and playing Bookworm on an iphone - definitely icing on the cake.