April 30, 2009


There's a place in the Philippines called Divisoria. Its like heaven for the budget shopper where you get good deals on garments accessories and other consumer dry goods. For men its like a junk yard where you find all these cool parts to play with. Or a warehouse of old industrial equipment waiting for you to buy.

Today, my Tes went there to accompany her sister who lives in London. I asked her why would her Ate want to buy stuff in Divisoria? She said that he kids want Divisoria flipflops because they're cheap, good and remind them of home. I'm proud of this family because they have not forgotten who they are. One of Ate's kids proudly wears a "sun and stars" shirt. He even wears a tricolor inspired pair of slip-ons. They're so nationalistic that Ate had to hunt for shirts by the late Francis M.

No matter where you are, if you're born Filipino you will always be Filipino.


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