December 17, 2008

What makes you heavier? - Muscle or Fat

Speaking of weight issues, there was a time (sadly, too long ago boohoo) that I was fit and fab. Well, maybe not the fab. That was during my dancing days. I remember starting out really heavy especially in the hip and thigh area and I tried lots of fat burners, shakes, creams and so on just to lose the pounds. Every time I went on the scale, I often wondered why there was so little difference in my weight. I realized later that it wasn't really about the numbers on the scale. I thought that I wasn't losing my fat because there was only minimal change in terms of the numbers but I later understood that I was losing weight and at the same time gaining muscle as well. So if you get discouraged that nothing is happening to you after all those exercises, feel your arms, your thighs or your abs - you might have put on some muscle.