December 25, 2008

High Speed Internet via Qwest

When it comes to surfing the web it's all about speed. Having high speed internet is a must to survive in this age of communication and technology or the IT era. Fortunately, there are now other alternatives to dial-up. In my opinion, it's important to find the right service provider for that maximum web experience. I should know because I've tried them all. Right now, I am using the hubby's cellphone just to go online because there is no internet connection at my in-laws place... well, not yet. Quite frankly, it is a real pain in the b*tt because I've been sitting for hours downloading something only for the connection to cut off right when it reached 50%. I think the hubby needs a little more pestering power to convince the old folks to apply for DSL or at least a better alternative to my pathetic little 460.0 kbps connection. I want my internet cable at home, waah! Anyhoo, they haven't caught up with the fast turnover rate of technology because somehow older folks are a little bit resistant to change. My MIL has still yet to maximize her cellphone so talking about anything about ISP providers and going online or emailing is Greek to her.

Before we arrived in Davao, we had asked if they could apply for a DSL connection. Apparently, someone had offered my MIL an internet package but she turned it down because she said that there were only old folks in the area who had no use for such things. My SIL later tried to follow up on that proposal but unfortunately, they gave the priority to another area already and it would take another 6 months for them to service my in-law's area again. Oh well, my poor b*tt. hahaha

Speaking about ISP service providers, especially in the US, one such provider is Qwest. Qwest Communications is the premier provider for internet services among others, Home phone and long distance phone, cell phones and cell phone plans, VoIP and many other communication services. I remember when we lived in AZ years ago, cable internet was already being offered at that time and the hubby told me that he remembers receiving a call from Qwest back them about the services they offer. I have to ask him if residential internet was already included at that time. I do remember that I had no problems going online and shopping and ordering back then. ooops! hope he doesn't read this LOL.

So if you are one of the many like me who can not imagine life without the internet, check out They have many other products and services aside from this particular service that you can choose from.

As for me, I have to settle for the crumbs - my lowtech cellphone powered internet. Sigh... Hopefully we can go visit an internet cafe in the next few days to satisfy my need for speed! Merry Christmas everyone!