December 11, 2008

Gaming Consoles for Christmas?

Some of us may still be undecided about what to give this Christmas. For older kids, (if they demonstrate discipline and self-control) you may want to consider giving a PSP, PS3 or an x-box.

While previously considered as a bane to child development, gaming can potentially deliver the opposite. If games are chosen correctly, ensuring that the right value and judgment system is upheld, a child can develop good logical and motor skills. In the current Survivor Gabon series, gamer Kenny edges out physically superior competitors with his unique strategies and tactics. I think it's because of his experience as a gamer. The way I see it he thinks 2 to 3 steps ahead in anticipation of road blocks or challenges that the ordinary person might not consider. It's a plus to the way he plays his game. I also remember sharpening my strategy skills playing Civilization and Dune way back in college.

So of you're hesitating about that gaming console - just make sure that it doesn't become a babysitter for your kids. With proper guidance and with the correct choice of games you can use it as a tool to teach your kids something useful. Hope this post helps you tick out some names in the gift list.