October 01, 2008

Women in Politics

Its quite hilarious that Sarah Palin gets all the attention she gets these days. Some of being fair coverage of her career, campaign spiels and criticisms. You also get your fare of reasonable parodies and mean obscenities. There's even the hullabaloo with the Pakistani President. Its interesting that women like her tend to be magnets of this attention. Hilary Clinton got similar attention though regarding different aspects of her life or career. In the Philippines, our two female Presidents have also gotten similar attention. Is our society gynephobic? GO GET THEM SARAH!!!


CACTUSmango said...

Are you asking if Philippine or US society is gynephobic? Either way, you're right, it's quite possible to some extent, but, I sense that all candidates have had their life & credentials scrutinized. But, epecially, Gov. Palin who came onto the Republican ticket unexpectedly and curiously, since other Republican veep possibilities have more experience than her. Experience is something that McCain himself has often stated is more important. I agree with most criticisms about Palin regarding her education & intelligence and qualification to carry on the Presidency, if McCain dies, should he be elected. Will you be watching the VP debate tomorrow?