September 23, 2008


My family loves to travel. Be it near or far, as long as we can afford it we would go. Last week we were in Lake Caliraya. While it wasn't exactly a vacation, the refreshing feeling of seeing a new place just takes over. Traveling just energizes us so much.

Our latest travel, in the Philippines, was to Davao where we visited DH's folks. We went to the beautiful Tagbibinta falls in Maragusan, Compostella Valley. In a few days we will be going to Boracay.

When we lived in AZ, we would travel whenever we had the chance. We went to Nevada and hopped around glitzy vegas hotels. In CA we went to LA for Disney and San Diego for Sea World. We also went to Oregon and Colorado.

Travelling is education. It gives you an appreciation of different cultures, people and nature. I guess vacations are learning experiences after all.