April 23, 2012


Rean here...

Yesterday as I was going out for work, a guy in a motorcycle was hogging the road.  He was driving slow yet he was moving about such that I could not overtake him.   Make matters worse this guy didn't even have a motorcycle helmet!

 This takes me back to the days of my temporary assignment to Penang, Malaysia, where motorbikes outnumber cars greatly.  You would see a swarm of bikers moving about as the virtual kings of the road.  It was not uncommon to see a motorbike collide with the rear of a bus.  A funny incident at the workplace during that time was when a biker who saw an attractive lady.  He was so distracted that he failed to see a car moving out of parking and into the road.  This led to a collision resulting in the biker somersaulting in the air.  Upon regaining consciousness, his first reaction was to look inside his pants. Not sure if he was assessing damage or if he was checking if he peed in his pants.

I guess I am of the opinion that people should avoid driving a motorbike.  The risks are just to high.  Every accident is a major accident.