March 08, 2012

Ballet Floors

Rean here...

Ballet requires special flooring for its studios. Unlike hip-hop, where you can dance almost anywhere if you have the got latest supra shoes at, ballet requires bounce and friction in order for the dancer to execute technical steps. The ideal ballet floor has a weave of planks underneath the surface that act as a spring for the leaps and jumps the dancer makes. The surface is either of smooth planks or vinyl matting to ensure enough friction is present to enable pirouettes. My ballet studio, has hard foam underneath plywood flooring to cushion jumps. Surface has linoleum for friction.

In a recent show, Acts Manila dancers faced a challenge dancing at SM Muntinlupa because of a very slippery stage. Thankfully, the dance was executed well with no mishaps.

Ballet lessons at Laguna Belair 2, Sta. Rosa, Laguna Mondays/Wednesdays 430 onwards. Call 09083020319/09228108396 for trial class.