June 22, 2011

Mindmapping for Writing

Rean here...

Our son has some difficulty organizing his thoughts. Whenever called to speak in public or write, he struggles to compose a concept for his speech or paper. While not uncommon among boys his age, I desire to see him hurdle past this obstacle. Recently, I asked him to mindmap his thoughts prior to writing. He finds it easier to write with the tool because it serves as a skeleton for his work. He can have "Trampolines Connecticut" as a central topic and have the different stores selling the product in Connecticut as the child tendrils. Each child tendril can then have child tendrils containing adjectives describing the each store. The 1st generation children will be the bases for paragraph topic sentences. The succeeding generations fill in the wonderful details of the work. Tony Buzan's book on Mindmapping is a good introduction showing different techniques to use this tool.