November 02, 2010

Paranoia Inducer

There are some things we prefer to keep to ourselves. I, myself, am a private person (though you wouldn’t notice with all the blog posting I do, lol), and hate when people butt into my business uninvited. That’s why sometimes I wonder why detectives are called private investigators, when they invade other people’s privacy. I mean, they follow you everywhere, watch everything you do. Where’s private in that? And because of technology today, you don’t need to be a private I to start sleuthing. Tiny tape recorders, hidden cameras in ballpoint pens, online chatting, social networking sites. No wonder a lot of people are getting stalked. And so, let me hand over a little unsolicited advice, be careful of the people you meet or interact with, and always be vigilant. You never know when you’re being followed.