August 17, 2010

Wishing: Olympus EP-L1

 More like drooling already! I've been eyeing the EP-L1 for quite some time now reading all the digital camera reviews I could find on it. Every time I read a review  on another camera model or brand that somehow fit the bill of what I'm looking for I end up right back to the EP-L1. I am an Oly user. I have an E-410 and even with all it's constraints I still manage to get decent shots from it. I've been wanting to upgrade but I'm still midstream about what I mean about an upgrade. It's either I get a faster lens or I get an entirely new system. I still haven't found what I'm looking for. I need to know if I can use my E-410 lenses on the the EP-L1. If I need an adaptor I need to know what to choose. I also need a fast lens that can shoot lots of movement in low light conditions. My head is already swimming from all the reviews I've read so far. I've read up on other brands like Canon and Nikon but branding is really a marriage and maybe I'm sticking with Olympus for now, even though the temptation to commit camera adultery is lurking at my doorstep, because I'm used to my Oly.  I have yet to find that straw that will finally break this camel's back and take the PEN plunge. Maybe I will find it. Soon!
Here's more of what I've been drooling over: