August 17, 2010

TV Shopping

... has yet to find it's place in the local scene. One of the things that amazed me when we lived in the US is... TV Shopping! I never heard of such a thing until I got bombarded with infomercials every time I turned on the tv. To me, it was just unheard of! I mean how reliable can those things be? But I must admit, some of my favorite products I discovered through infomercials and those 24-hr non-stop tv stores.  Imagine shopping for urban clothing in your pajamas or while doing the laundry or some other domestic diva chore. It really is a lifestyle thing in the US because the culture lends itself to such activities. Convenience, comfort and consumerism. There've been attempts to duplicate it here but part of the fun of shopping at the malls is spending time with friends and family. I don't mind TV shopping as long as I know that the product lives up to its claim and that there are consumer-protection measures set in place.