August 01, 2010

A taste of Lindy Hop and Hip Hop

I had the chance to see the last part of Project Dance's 3-day workshop today. I was so glad to see our long-time friend Richie teach the participants the Lindy Hop. I first heard of the term Lindy Hop when a contestant auditioned for So You Think You Can Dance under that genre. Little did I know that it was really not a new style at all. I've actually seen it in the movie Swing Kids years ago. I still remember that I wanted to be able to do what those Swing Kids did. I might just get my wish! hahaha So now I've been googling on the basics of Lindy Hop (sshhhhhh, I'm supposed to be looking for a Bluetooth headset ...) lol Anyway, I'm going to be seeing Richie again next week so I better dust off my archived dancing shoes and get ready to hip and hop. woooohooo