April 10, 2010

Plants vs. Zombies

There's this game that's popular today called Plants vs. Zombies. The object is growing plants with different abilities to defend your home from invading zombies. My son and his friends are quite nuts about it. Their conversations revolve around how to destroy a “gargantuan” or whether or not a “corn cob canon” is the best weapon. Even my students at Benilde are crazu about it. I find them playing during my lectures! (GRRR!!!) Honestly, its a silly game. Algorithmically, its very similar to bookworm and space invaders. For me, I'd rather take a book and create a world in my mind. As I create my new world, I have enough material to create my own books, movies or games. My challenge to follks addicted to this game: Why be a player when you can be a maker?