February 27, 2010


Last Wednesday, the family had a pseudo-outing at Divisoria. My wife had to buy some stuff at this "mother of all markets" of the Philippines. She went ahead of us, earlier that day as she had to make most of the time hunting for stuff. So we slowpokes had to follow in the afternoon. The traffic was quite horrendous going there and was made worse because I made a wrong turn into a truck route. This makes you want to think about your latest life insurance quote as you're surrounded by big container trucks in bumper to bumper traffic. All these turned for the better as I found a forgotten route to Legarda st via Nagtahan that led me into Recto Ave, bringing me into Divisoria. I made my usual turn at Abad Santos St. then left into a little alley leading straight to the parking lot of the Tutuban Center.
When we got to the Tutuban Center, the kids were very hungry. We soon found my wife in a similar state. After resting a bit and taking care of things purchased, we had dinner at the "99 slice and dice". The salpicao and kangkong were good considering the size was for 2-3 people. Our bill was just circa P300 for 4 people!!!
After dinner, we then purchased good rubber shoes for the kids for about P100-P150. My daughter had a cute looking pair of rubber sneakers. My son had a pair imitation crocs that looked like topsiders. Considering the amazing good buys we find and the good food, doing to Divisioria is one of the events we always look forward to as a family.