December 13, 2009

Red Carpet Night At the Judges' Table

We came home late last night from a Christmas party we attended. The husband together with a dear friend of mine were invited by our doctor friend to judge the dance presentations of the different hospital departments. We arrived late according to the call time but a little too early as far as the party itself was concerned. It was held at the top floor of the hospital... not quite finished yet and probably still undergoing construction but wide enough to hold at least 12 ping pong tables. The theme of the party was Red Carpet Night Glitz and Glamour, the brainchild of our doctor friend, so the employees came dressed to the nines. It was fun watching the dance presentations but I think I OD'd on the Korean pop song "Nobody, nobody but you". That was obviously the choice dance music of the night and almost all the groups danced to it. Even my kids have been singing it non-stop I think I'm having a nose bleed from it! Overall, it was fun although a bit tiring for the kids. I wonder what they'll think of next year?