November 12, 2009

Jewel in the Palace Rewind

The hubby and I have recently discovered Jewel in the Palace. Yeah, I know we are late bloomers in the Koreanovela phenom. Anyway, thanks to the gushing comments of my friend whom I never thought would get hooked on such a thing, she made me so curious that I just had to find out why. So now, the husband and I are now hooked on the show! The problem is since we are sharing bandwith on our router ( I'm not quite sure if it's D-link or a Linksys router, should I care?), it's slowed both of our computers down. Solution, we just watch it at the same time and pretend it's like a night at the movies.

Seriously, I like it because of it's historical content. It's almost like a mini epic in scale. The cinematography is great and the lighting is well thought of. It has changed my opinion of Koreanovelas for good. So now, the husband and I can't wait to see what happens next to Jang-Geum.