October 06, 2009

Conspiracy of The Rich by Robert Kiyosaki

I had the opportunity to sign up at the COTR website before this book was released  in the bookstores. I didn't get to finish reading the book online yet and I thought I had lost the opportunity to read it but I was so happy to find out that I can still do it. Yey! Anyway, if you missed their first promo you still have a chance to join in the discussion (just click the COTR banner on the left) at the Conspiracy of the Rich website. You can also get a copy of the book because it's already available in your favorite bookstore or just simply shop for it online. I'm sure one can always find a best buy at buy.com because they have lots of great deals there.  This one is at 37% off would you believe??? We all face financial challenges especially these times and if you have read somehow somewhere the Rich Dad Poor Dad series by Kiyosaki, I'm sure you will glean a lot of wisdom from this book. Check it out!