September 17, 2009

I got noticed!

... in a nice way, anyway. I brought the kids to Kumon last Monday and got to meet one of the moms I haven't seen in a long while. Last time she saw me I was probably 10 pounds or so heavier. She told me I had lost weight and that my face had stretched up a bit. (Boy, did that make my day hahaha!) She asked how I did it and if I had gone on a diet. I told I don't take sodas or soft drinks as much as possible. I also told her it was probably because of ballet. I sometimes teach as a substitute for dh when he can't make it to to his class. No diet pills here. Just a simple equation. More movement=more calories burned. Plus, my flabby arms are definitely smaller than before. (I posted about this a few posts back)

My goal is to go back to my dancing weight, which is like reaching for the moon. My next target area is my tummy. If you've ever been pregnant then this is a definite struggle area. I'll keep you posted if I become successful. :)