September 17, 2009

Growing up too fast

My son recently turned ten and we had a late celebration last night with the grandparents at Outback Restaurant. I know that more changes are going to happen in the next few years and his attention will be directed elsewhere probably so I intend to enjoy this stage of his life as much as I can. He is taller, although I hardly notice it except when I look at his shrinking pajamas. It must be Cherifer's fault hahaha (the "best hgh supplement" guess I can attribute it to). I asked him if he would still be the same even if he were all grown up already... you know like the huggie and kissy stuff that teens are soooo allergic to. According to him, he would always hug and kiss me no matter what... so that's that for now. (sigh of relief!) I wish soon was not so soon, don't you?