July 23, 2009

Dirty water caused by old asbestos pipes

Speaking of mesothelioma, did you know that exposure to asbestos is the only confirmed cause of mesothelioma? I was watching the local news last night and I chanced upon a news item about people complaining about dirty water in a certain province in the Philippines. One of the local health officials said that it might be because the pipes were really old in that area and that they were the only ones who still had asbestos pipes. I read an article today about mesothelioma and how asbestos is the only confirmed cause of this preventable disease. It is a tragedy that many of the corporations or gov't. contractors who manufactured and profited from selling products containing asbestos did not warn of the risks and side-effects of this harmful material. I don't particularly know of any Mesothelioma lawyers who could defend any complainants in that province . Hopefully, they wouldn't need any and that the government will address this situation promptly.