March 10, 2009


This weekend, the family was busy with pictorials for the kids' upcoming ballet recital. Tes was specially busy because she is responsible for the souvenir program lay-outs. (This is on top our responsibility to ensure that our kids are ready for the photo session.) Her major concern for the moment is the amount of photo editing she will need to do before she will be able to do lay-outs. She noticed that the photos from the 1st day were washed out with light. This led to some pictures were legs or costumes blended with the backdrop! The set-up was a 3 point strobe setting. ( What would have happed if they used led lights instead?) The second day had way better lighting. 4 sources were used and a 5th flash was used to fill in some shadows in some poses. Photos on this day had different, fashion portfolio type look. I guess there's much art in designing the ligthing systems as there is in operating the camera.