February 18, 2009

Crazy Week, Math School Mondays and Tights Tuesdays

Yup, no typo 'tights' Tuesdays, because Tuesdays and Thursdays are ballet school days and my kids are in their tights and leos. Our schedules have gone haywire and I now am losing a couple of days at home to be with the kids at the ballet school. I am forced to good to take my school and my work on the road. Thank God for homeschooling but  I think I need to slowly beef up my time management skills. I'm behind a lot of my work load and the stuff for tomorrow is like a mountain of dirty laundry looming at me. Hmmm... I wonder if having one of these will improve my motivation? LOL

 It's an IWC Chronograph Novecento Perpetual Calendar watch and I love it. Of course I don't particularly love the hefty price tag that comes with it - a whopping  $12,500.00 grand. But hey, what price to pay for time that's well spent eh?  

Speaking of time, I think it's time to give this bloggie a new do. So I'll leave you with that for now. I need to hunt for some cool templates.