January 23, 2009

On Experience

I was in a meeting today to plan out strategies to support my friend's n-computing resellership. I met a new guy, Mike, who was helping her in the sales part. She was asking me to help out in the energy aspect since the product is positioned in green computing. So I started off introducing my self, bragging about projects like basketball trophies and that stuff. Mike then did his brag spiel. As soon as we were done with this, we then felt more confident to work together. For some reason, we gauge the ability of a person by what he or she has done. I wish there was some other way, but this is the reality. I sometimes feel that this might be unjust. What if someone made a mistake in the past... will you chose not to associate with him or hire him? Capt E.J.Smith of Titanic fame, never had a serious incident attached to his record. Would the Titanic have a different fate if he had been in a maritime mishap? Experience is probably the best teacher though most times a painful one. Its really not about how well you avoided hard crashes but its about responding correctly during these times. Failures are just stepping stones to the next level of success.