October 24, 2008

Survivor - Pinoy Flavor

Due to ongoing projects Tes is engaged in, I will be your guest blogger for today.

We have been Survivor fans for years. We started following Survivor since season 4. The 1st season of Survivor Philippines is currently playing in our country. It is interesting to see the differences between this and the original series. You still see the normal hardships that are better than effective diet pills. However, you see the Filipino peculiarities manifesting as the days go by.

For instance, the spirit of Bayanihan is very evident in the Naak tribe. Knowing that they are physically weaker, they use this sense of community to build organization, strategy to overcome the stronger Jarakay. Today, Naak is the more dominant tribe in the reward and immunity challenges.

You also see that the challenge eating insects and grubs is much difficult. This is considering that Filipinos are used to eating strange food. Instead of 1 scorpion they are tasked to eat 2. For tarantulas, they are tasked to eat 3.

When one of the Naak women got uncovered during a challenge, one of the Naak men ran to cover her.

You also see Naak praying for meals they prepare and challenges they win

These show me the intrinsic nobility of the Filipino that comes out during tough times. And that our people have a great capacity to weather the harsh environment of the 21st century. It really makes me proud that I am one.