July 09, 2008

The Postman knocked once

... and left before I even opened the door. Guess what I found?  Yey! It's my free shutterfly photobook that I ordered. I sort of did a wedding album makeover because I wasn't quite happy with our wedding pictures because they look dated and so blah. The shots were so predictable and unexciting I couldn't do much with it. Thank God for digital scrapbooking 'cause it helped me 'save' and update our wedding album. I'm also quite happy with the photobooks I've done with shutterfly. I have six albums in all their sizes to date and am definitely doing more. What's nice about it too is that they send you the albums in these individual shipping boxes that protect your albums even if they toss it around at the post office. Of course the shipping price is another story 'cause you have to pay in $$$ (poor paypal). But for the enjoyment and the legacy my kids will have with these memories, wouldn't you do the same?