July 05, 2008

The Charter House in Makati

If you are a business traveler or you live outside of the greater Metro Manila area and you need to stay in the city for a few days especially Makati most likely it would cost you an arm and a leg. Of course Makati is where most of the A-list hotels are located but did you know that there are also cheap hotels (cheap doesn't always mean sleazy y'know) for those people who just need a place to stay for a couple of nights or especially longer and you're the one footing the bill. There are a couple of those hotels that my in-laws frequent whenever they fly over from the province. One of them is the Charter House in Makati which used to house the PAL office in front of the old Greenbelt Commercial Center. I was surprised that they had converted it into a hotel but it is an acceptable alternative to the more expensive hotels on the Ayala Ave. strip especially if you don't really need all the amenities they offer that are already factored  into your bill. The plus side of the Charter House is all you have to do is cross the street and you're in the shopping and restaurant district already. The downside is the parking. We're scheduled to stay there around the end of this month and I am looking forward to spending a couple of days in the city. I don't need a spa and a gym in the hotel. I just need a nice clean bed with fresh sheets at night. That's all.