July 22, 2008

Extreme homes.

I like watching HGTV because there's a wealth of inspiration in all of their shows for design, innovation and creativity. I was watching a show the other day on extreme homes and I was quite impressed with this particular home that was featured. The owner of the house - a tech wiz - is the guy who patented the voice mail feature ( i think?) that we take for granted because we are so used to it already, on your regular phone. He built this "smart" house controlled by a computer system (like those big cabinets) with a personal IT guy hired just to oversee and maintain it. He has a sooo cool office space in his own home that no one could get in until it recognizes the authorized handprint. His, of course. Also, his own personal computer had like a wall of monitors and he had a fitness bicycle built in to his seat so while he's doing his work he's exercising at the same time. Neat, huh? He built a slide just like the one you see in swimming parks next to the regular staircase to slide down on just for fun. He even has this awesome home theatre, complete with plush home theater seating and of course remote controlled from anywhere in the house so that when 11:00 pm hits, he can automatically retract the dropdown screen from his remote and anyone watching beyond that, especially the kids had to stop. He says he can even monitor his house even if he was in another country. Isn't that extreme awesome? I'm sure his kids are having a blast in that home. I know I would. 

later y'all!