June 15, 2008

Diet Pills or Exercise? which one are you?

I have been trying to get back on track when it comes to physical fitness. Although hubby doesn't have a problem with how I look, I often tell him that I need to do it for me and for my own self-esteem. My metabolism has slowed down considerably after giving birth to my last child (which has been 5 years already) and I have been bugging hubby to buy me one of those fat burning pills shown on tv all the time. I have tried taking those protein capsule food supplements like Arginine and Carnitine before and I know that it helped me a lot during my dancing days. My convincing powers aren't strong enough, I guess. Of course, before I took those I read a lot of materials and diet pill reviews to make sure I knew how they would affect my body. If  you are not sure, please do not self-prescribe.

So nowadays, hubby is hooked on this Navy Seals Fitness Training and dead set on making us (myself and the two kids) his "baby" Seals. Thinking about it is already making me tired (whew!). I did tell him once that I wanted to be like Demi Moore when she played G.I. Jane. lol 
Of course, I wouldn't go as far as shaving my head you know.  On second thought, it is kinda hot now hmmmm.....