May 22, 2008

Online Earning How to's

I've had a few friends ask me how to go about starting an online business or how to start earning online. One of the things I tell them especially if they are really serious about it is to research, research and research some more. If you're reading this you probably know a lot more than most people do and maybe you would like to take it a step further and get your very own dot com. There are tons of info available online to help anyone start  but sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming scouring thru the net so I've found  a few sites to help you along the way. 

First of all you will need virtual real estate on the web, a place or "address" where people can find you every time and where you will store all those wonderful business ideas you've got stored in your brain. So, you'll need that, and there are a lot of web companies who will let you "lease, rent or occupy" their space for $X dollars  a year or so depending on their package. You can try going to Web Hosting Reviews to find the web company that will best suit your needs. They've got a lot of reviews all in one page so you can compare a bunch of sites all at once. (saves time googling all over). They have a lot of reviews like a Hostgator Review , a Startlogic Review etc. etc. Not only that, they have articles, web tips and so much more for beginners or even those already familiar with the how-to's of online earning. 

While you're doing your research on that, you can also start bringing  your "house" together and  start working on the other aspects of your online  business like the look and feel of your site, the products or services that you are offering,  your meme, your payment options, customer support etc. etc. I guess that's a lot to put on your plate for now, so go out and try it first. Don't forget to check back here once in a while. You might find a tip or two to help you out again.