May 14, 2008

Brisingr Revealed!

My son is so excited about this latest sequel to the Eragon series! He's been saving up for it for the last few weeks (I told him he needed to buy the book with his own money) but of course, mom that I am, I've been looking around to find a good deal on the book for him. Guess what? I found one on my first search at! They have a pre-order rate (the book will be released in September just in time for my son's birthday) and even have an additional $10 discount if you are a new Google Checkout Customer. Is that a good deal or what. I guess one can always find a best buy at just like they say.  Now I'm off  to find out how to be a Google Checkout Customer.  Catch y'all later.


Brisingr Fan said...

This is the number one book I'm waiting for. (You might guess...) Anyway, there are a couple of spoilers that have been released by Paolini. You can find them through my site if you are interested.